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Registered Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Practitioner Reg no. AO4492 AHPCSA Practice no. 351644, 9 Dan International Chinese Martial Arts Coach. Also called Shirfu Jeff Lan is Head Coach of the International Kim Loong Wushu Centre (IKLWC), an international 6th Duan IHQF Instructor and a 9th Duan World Organisation of Wushu Kung Fu Masters and one of few inheritors and preservers of authentic ancient knowledge base systems. This assists with his ability to treat his patient on a deeper understanding and continue to heal once completing treatment sessions with him.

Authentic Classical Knowledge System

His story

Born of Chinese descent in Mauritius, Dr./Shirfu Jeff Lan is most revered in this field both students and patients of diverse cultures and backgrounds respond to his training and treatment, based on classical methods and philosophies, with astounding results. He approaches the master to student lineage and its preservation from a unique angle. Teaching non-Chinese students authentic, classical lineage-based knowledge, he shared these “Secret Chinese Treasures” with an appreciative audience over many years. Dr./Shirfu Jeff Lan is a practitioner of Classical Chinese Martial Arts and Medicine and runs workshops catering to as wide an audience as possible. Topics dealt with include treatment, diet, exercise, meditation, and coping skills for modern-day ailments.

Skills and ability that expand beyond scope of practice.

Developed and researched Integrated Ancient Chinese Healing Art over 20 years of research. Published Tui Na & De Da book & DVD on this topic, a martial arts publication on the classics of Shaolin kung fu; The Essence of Er Shi Tan Tui;  as well as creating QE jewelry piece to inspire his clients toward health; to name a few personal achievements. Capturing the classical knowledge and unique treasures is one of few remaining classical teachers, Dr. Jeff Lan will ensure that this heritage is not lost to modernization and ignorance.

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